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Fitness Protection Program:

MCW believes medical health must extend far beyond treating disease by actively building health. We accomplish this in our proprietary program which evaluates a client in a comprehensive manner to efficiently improve their cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, metabolic, joint, muscular-skeletal, gastrointestinal,  physiological, cognitive, oral-pharyngeal-dental, and immune as well as other systems.

The vast majority of other Executive Health practices concern themselves with providing patients physician services which predominantly only manages disease. MCW's approach dramatically differs with our emphasis on optimizing health and then maintaining it. Absent a decisive program to both improve and sustain these health systems patients will ultimately begin a slow and steady decline in both health and system functioning. It is inevitable the body, its parts and functionality will eventually and naturally begin to fail. At issue and able to be controlled is when and to what extent this is allowed to occur. MCW's proprietary approach works to significantly delay the functional degradation by leveraging optimized health as long as possible which in most cases and when initiated timely, can be well into the 90's or even 100's and beyond rather than the 70's, 60's and even 50's which follows from conventional health practices unconcerned with real health optimization.