After ten years of research I have quite a bit of confidence in what I have learned. If after working with me you find a physician whose strategies reverse disease  or improve performance better I will donate all my fees. In short: I have real "skin in the game" when it comes to your results: Does your doctor? I am the best at optimizing health because it is my passion.


  • Optimization of Health & Human Biology. 
  • Human Performance Optimization.
  • I purpose to help identify and obtain the highest level of health possible in humans.
  • Reversal of Chronic Disease - Guaranteed.
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MCW purposefully maintains a small number of clients to afford optimal evaluation and patient-physician interaction.  


Why We Are Different​

1). Our physicians are the only Executive Health service to have received a grant from the National Science Foundation based on our work in reversing chronic disease.

2). MCW's results allow us to be the only Executive Health Service to guarantee results with a guarantee.*

3). We work with only a small number of clients seeking Optimization of their  Health & Performance.

4). I am a Non-Profit returning excess profit to researching Chronic Disease Reversal & Human Performance Optimization and sharing these strategies with the US Military, First Responders & the disadvantaged.

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A National Science Foundation Grant Recipient 2016

MedCon Wellness:  Concierge Executive Health -  uniquely exploiting science, data analytics and nature.

36 Nathan Lane N, Plymouth, MN 55441


"Its simple....I want to find the HEALTHIEST men & women in the world and improve them. I also want to find out why they are. Its the first step to OPTIMIZING humans and its my passion!"Dr. Sean OMara, Founder

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Individualized Attention:

2). Watch DrSeanOMara on YouTubespeaking on OPTIMIZED Health vs Health 23 minutes Part 2 

Sean T. O'Mara, M.D., J.D.

A TOTALLY unique practice dedicated to the express purpose of helping people OPTIMIZE - becoming the very best biological version of themselves possible.

While virtually all other physicians TREAT disease I singularly focus on REVERSING & PREVENTING it and increasing human performance through biological & medical science.  

As a physician focusing on Blood Flow: I help people dramatically improve their blood flow (Click Here for short one minute video) to dramatically improve their health and ultimately their performance.  

As a physician specializing in  Biometrics I provide people free metrics to track their improvement in both their flow of blood and their biological condition - No other physician does this.

My best concepts come from Nature. I don't believe I should profit  off Nature. I am a Not for Profit returning any excess revenue back to researching Human Biological Optimizing Strategies: (How we can make humans optimally healthy & performing). I have a very unique take on profit.Type your paragraph here.

My Unique Approach:

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Listen to Why DrSean is unlike any other Physician MD  in the world. 

A  unique  Executive and Professional Health Practice  blending proprietary biomarkers along with natural interventions to attain super optimizedhealth and Best In Class performance improvement.

3). An interesting Introduction  to DrSean (his story & unique approach on Optimized Health) in a short 30 minutePODCAST....Listen Here.

1). Watch DrSeanOMara on YouTube on very short 21 minute video discusssing OPTIMIZED Health vs Convetional Health Part 1