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Absolute Confidentiality is always maintained by MCW. Our standards go well beyond HIPAA or other programs or policies followed by other services. 

Your health information and analysis is completely your own. We do not report or share your information to either insurance companies, the government or other third parties. 

As a client of MCW you are able to and many of our clients in the past have elected to use an alias to accommodate their desire for greater patient autonomy.

Applying for Life Insurance?

If you are or will be applying for life insurance learn how MCW can greatly increase your ability to achieve "preferred status". MCW specializes in optimizing health particularly for "Key Person Life Insurance Policies". We successfully facilitated what was reported to be at the time "the largest life insurance policy ever issued in the life insurance industry" requiring the combined participation of 22 (twenty-two) insurance companies. 

Our physicians have years of experience working confidentially with ultra high net worth individuals.