A TOTALLY unique practice dedicated to the express purpose of helping people OPTIMIZE - becoming the very best biological version of themselves possible.

While virtually all other physicians TREAT disease I singularly focus on REVERSING & PREVENTING it and increasing human performance through biological & medical science.  

As a physician focusing on Blood Flow: I help people dramatically improve their blood flow (Click Here for short one minute video) to dramatically improve their health and ultimately their performance.  

As a physician specializing in  Biometrics I provide people free metrics to track their improvement in both their flow of blood and their biological condition - No other physician does this.

A  unique  Executive and Professional Health Practice  blending proprietary biomarkers along with natural interventions to attain super optimizedhealth and Best In Class performance improvement.

My Unique Approach:

MCW purposefully maintains a small number of clients to afford optimal evaluation and patient-physician interaction.  


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After ten years of research I have quite a bit of confidence in what I have learned. If after working with me you find a physician whose strategies reverse disease  or improve performance better I will donate all my fees. In short: I have real "skin in the game" when it comes to your results: Does your doctor? I am the best at optimizing health because it is my passion.

"Its simple....I want to find the HEALTHIEST men & women in the world and improve them. I also want to find out why they are. Its the first step to OPTIMIZING humans and its my passion!"Dr. Sean OMara, Founder

Why We Are Different​

1). Our physicians are the only Executive Health service to have received a grant from the National Science Foundation based on our work in reversing chronic disease.

2). MCW's results allow us to be the only Executive Health Service to guarantee results with a guarantee.*

3). We work with only a small number of clients seeking Optimization of their  Health & Performance.

4). I am a Non-Profit returning excess profit to researching Chronic Disease Reversal & Human Performance Optimization and sharing these strategies with the US Military, First Responders & the disadvantaged.

A National Science Foundation Grant Recipient 2016

My best concepts come from Nature. I don't believe I should profit  off Nature. I am a Not for Profit returning any excess revenue back to researching Human Biological Optimizing Strategies: (How we can make humans optimally healthy & performing). I have a very unique take on profit.Type your paragraph here.



  • Optimization of Health & Human Biology. 
  • Human Performance Optimization.
  • I purpose to help identify and obtain the highest level of health possible in humans.
  • Reversal of Chronic Disease - Guaranteed.
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Our Services

1). Watch DrSeanOMara on YouTube on very short 21 minute video discusssing OPTIMIZED Health vs Convetional Health Part 1

Listen to Why DrSean is unlike any other Physician MD  in the world. 

Sean T. O'Mara, M.D., J.D.

3). An interesting Introduction  to DrSean (his story & unique approach on Optimized Health) in a short 30 minutePODCAST....Listen Here.

MedCon Wellness:  Concierge Executive Health -  uniquely exploiting science, data analytics and nature.

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2). Watch DrSeanOMara on YouTubespeaking on OPTIMIZED Health vs Health 23 minutes Part 2 

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