MCW- Medical Concierge Wellness, is committed to obtaining the greatest possible state of health in our clients who might be high performance professional or olympic athletes, C-Level corporate officers of major corporations, high net worth individuals, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, professional performers or just any high achiever committed to pursuing, obtaining as well as maintaining the highest state of health possible. MCW is a results-oriented practice. Our best clients know that the greatest wealth is health and work with MCW to obtain the ultimate state of health possible.  

MCW clients undergo valuable diagnostic testing including blood, urine, hair and saliva analysis as well as MRI's and ultrasound evaluations. (XRays, CT's and other medical radiation oriented studies are undertaken only when necessary.) Genetic, Microbiome  and Telomere length tests are routinely performed. MCW makes optimizing and preserving health our priority.

Absolute confidentiality is maintained by our practice which is experienced with caring for internationally prominent individuals with both unique and essential requirements for both privacy and confidentiality. Unlike other Executive Health or Concierge  physicians MCW's Medical Director is both a physician and lawyer  experienced in the practice of both law and medicine. MCW is uniquely capable and experienced  to ensure our clients  receive the highest care and attention without concern for privacy or confidentiality breaches

*You are a professional whose livelihood is predicated upon your professional performance.

*You understand or work with data analytics to improve your professional or organizational performance.
*You are a C-Level business/organizational executive or professional athlete working with KPI - Key Performance Indicators.
*You are an "early adopter" of innovation with a preference to expedite results rather than wait for others to first establish an advantage.
*You are disciplined professional who values excellence and performance tracking.
*You have identified your health and your body as key assets and desire to optimize each.


MCW Might Be For You If:

Our Math and Data Analytics along with Our Innovative Technology and  Clinical Expertise  combined with  your  Professional Excellence results in: Your Optimized Health and Performance  - GUARANTEED

All other Executive Health services use data to track your treatment optimizing their profit. MCW uses math and data analytics to optimize your health and performance. The result - we are the only Executive Health service to GUARANTEE our results. Other Executive Health services provide just service with little if any actual change. These other executive services "do things" to you but you should ask yourself if you have really actually changed or improved? MCW provide our clients objective data to verify improved change rather than just service. 

The World's Most Unique as Well as Effective Health Optimizing Service:

The Alpha Animal – The Rarest of Creatures.


You are an Alpha if you are always driven to excellence through self-improvement. You do not accept average or good and instead default toward becoming the best you can. Your natural orientation is toward improvement and while not obsessive you live in pursuit of the optimal strategy to be the best you can be notwithstanding the temptations of  comfort, ease, tastes, feel or looks. Alpha’s lead,  they don’t follow inspiring others by their performance and their quest for excellence.

If you are an alpha you pursue efficiency and value. You do not waste time and cannot afford to either. You are in search of the truly best options but your standards are very different than the average person.

MCW is the Alpha of Executive Health Services. We want to optimize health across the nation and reverse chronic disease modeling the benefits first so that others may soon follow. MCW desires to work with Alphas to demonstrate optimized health and performance. Our service is specifically designed and intended for the Alpha. 

The Alpha Appeal, Our Guarantee:

We reverse chronic disease in your body, optimize your performance and are regarded by you as the best Executive Health Service in the world after six months or we will refund all our professional fees.

Innovative Technology wedded to Wellness - the perfect combination. Our clients experience for the very first time what happens when you combine natural intervention with innovative technology to track and more importantly optimize health -  We are the pioneers mastering this approach we call Intelligent Wellnessand currently the only health service in the world putting it into use. 

The MCW Difference: Intelligent Wellness, Math, Science and Profit.

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