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*Guaranteed Results: 

Does your Doctor or Executive Health Service Guarantee Their Service?

So confident in the science behind our service MCW guarantees results: If after six months of working with MCW any client is dissatisfied with their results or MCW's services MCW will return all fees for professional service paid to MCW less any costs for laboratory, radiology or other diagnostic services.

Medical Director: Sean O'Mara, MD, JD

Age: 54

Ht: 73"

Weight: 167 lbs

Waist: 31"

Body Fat: 8%

Nutrition/Diet: Optimized Diet.

Exercise: Almost exclusively High Intensity: Averaged only 5 minutes every five days for the past six years. 

Strength:  Pullups: 28-33, Bench: 350-404 lbs, Pushups: 100-110

Running Speed: faster than my teenage kids at least for now!

Prescription Medications: None.

Steroids: Don't Need Them Don't Want Them.

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  About Us

​​​MedCon Wellness: - A unique concierge Executive and Professional Athlete practice innovatively exploiting both science and nature along with proprietary technology to achieve "Best In Class" results in Reversing Chronic Disease as well as Human Performance Optimization.  We are dedicated experienced physicians, researchers and PhD's coordinating our work to improve our client's health. We have developed our practice after years of medical and scientific research as well as years of ultra-high-end concierge medical care.

We maintain an exceptionally small practice for clients to ensure an incomparably high level of service. As a Non-Profit we return excess profits to continue what we feel is critically important: the continued Reversal of Chronic Disease and Human Performance Optimization. Very few physicians today are concerned with either of these but for MCW it is our passion.

We are the only Executive Health practice in the world to have received a National Science Foundation grant awarded in 2016 for our work on Reversing Chronic Disease..

 Our Clients:

As a concierge practice dedicated to optimizing health, reversing chronic disease and longevity MCW serves only the most dedicated clients motivated to optimizing  their health and enhancing human performance. MCW currently serves C-Level Business Executives, professional performers as well as professional and Olympic  athletes. Our current clients are Business owners, Airline CEO's, C-levels of large corporations, NFL players, Olympic Athletes, Professional Performers.

We specialize in clients who understand their livelihood depends upon performance and therefore wish to capitalize on improving their performance by optimizing their health. If you are an Executive or Professional Performer/Athlete interested in reversing chronic disease and/or optimizing your performance MCW would like to hear from you. If your are not sincerely interested in optimizing your health, performance or reversing chronic disease MCW would like to speak with you.